Welcome to world v2.0

Just to welcome my little son : Clément who was born on 15th april 2013.















I think CCIE studies will be delayed for some time, but my desire is already there… Proof : some 2611, 3550, 1841 are here : ready to study at home 😉 So I will be back to game really nearly.

Nikon D3100


We have bought this camera product by Nikon. It is the successor of the D60 (2007-2008). We have bought it to capture the smiles and the laughter of our daughter. After lot of reading on internet, we decided to buy this Nikon D3100 with to 2 lens (18-55 and 55-200), 14,2 Million of pixels… 

You can read technical specification on www.nikon.fr.

It will give me some work on technical specification and readings to use correclty this affordable and interesting reflex camera.

When life gives you a present.

After difficult times in the past months, here it comes finally a ray of light in this dark place.
This chance has for firstname : Olivia and she is born sunday 21th august 2011 at 23:05pm. To be very kind with me, she is born the day of the Saint Christopher. Mom and the baby are doing well.
A new life begins for us.

Blog deserted : some news

This blog seems deserted since one or two months. There are some reasons about this. First of all :

The death of my mother. 14 months after my father, she is gone… I don’t have enought words and want to talk about it here.
God bless them and gives us a little happiness in these dark times of life (The grandfather of my wife also died in the last two weeks).

Second, I have passed 642-691(BGP+MPLS) in these two last months. So I have hard studied on it. Next : Qos (642-642) and I will be CCIP certified.

A thought for the missing

In this day of 29 March I have a thought for all the missing people missing horribly on those who remain on this earth. I thought this day for my father who died last year, but I think of him every day. May God bless you.
Life must go on, but it’s not the same without you. But I hope it will bring pleasant surprises to change.