‘netcat’ : my best friend :)

For those of you who read this unpretentious blog, you must have noticed this week-end a maintenance window.

The DD of my hosting has crashed. To be more precise, it is crashing. His time to live is near to expire…

So to save my files on this server, a simple tar and scp is not enough. In fact, if you do this, you will create inodes and store on your FS. You will have lot of chance to have corrupted tarballs.

So I chose to use netcat to make my saves. tarballs are created on the fly on the network. So you only make reads on your DD, no creates.

On the device you have datas :

source# tar c your_folder | nc -q 10 -l -p 7777


On the remote end :

target# nc -w 10 source.domain.net 7777 > your_folder.tar


You can use the ‘z’ flag to gzip the archive. For more explaination, man is your friend, or in others words : RTFM…

It’s not enough to say it, do it.

Ok. If you have read my last post, you could say : “Ok, but when do you begin for real ?!”

I have beginning by working on a study plan. When the ennemy is hard as can be CCIE, you must have a plan to beat it. This is what I have now. I think I will update it during the journey toward my objective, but I think it is a right roadmap. For me, it is a TODO List and something which remind/force me to go on…

I don’t know if it is really good, but you can read it here. Hope to have your feedback…

New start in CCIE studying…

After a long period withouy working on my CCIE study, I will now plan and work hard toward this objective. I will try to explain, write about my journey toward CCIE Routing and Switching written exam.

Be prepared to read new content about Cisco, CCIE and telco here.

Best regards,

How do you explain Internet/BGP/ASN to your non-IT friends ?

It is not really easy to explain BGP/ASN concepts to a non-friendly-IT friend. I am really interested in how you explain this. Just to know. I am really curious.

Do you use an analogy ? Which ? Do you go directly in technical stuff ?

To begin : for my part I use an analogy around city/country. I explain that city/country announce to others her streets or better a set of streets. and so on …

It could be cool to know your stories about this…


Thank you Frenchies :)

Thank you guys !! It has been a really good game : 19 – 12 !

The fighting spirit has been there. It was a game won by __the__ team. I think it is what it missing. I hope to see the same thing next week. Wales team will be really difficult to beat.

Allez les bleus !!!!!!!!!!!!

It is time to team spirit

It is time to silence after this humiliating defeat. It is time to rebuild humity of the group, to revolt and act as a team, as a whole.

It's time for men to experience re-engage the troops, creating team spirit that is so lacking in this France team, to use humiliation to revolt, to excel and let go completely. This can not be worse than today.
It is time to be proud of the "Marseillaise", it is time to fighting spirit. Come on guys