La serviette orange devrait bientôt avoir froid…

En effet, la version 5.0 se précise. NetBSD-current va passer en 5.0 🙂
C’est ce que l’on peut apprendre en lisant ceci sur netbsd-annouce@…

Les ajouts depuis NetBSD-4.0:

 + during the development of NetBSD 5.0, the kernel version was bumped 73 times. The previous record was 29 + there is a new kernel threading model which has better performance than the previous implementation + we have introduced the file system journalling (WAPBL) functionality, kindly donated by Wasabi Systems + much work has been done in the file system arena + the Xen port has updated to Xen 3.3, and has support for PAE domains and amd64 domains (both dom0 and domU) + Xorg is now a part of our base system + providing multilib functionality (64bit platforms such as amd64 and sparc64 can now compile and run 32bit binaries seamlessly) + almost every subsystem has been improved. + our contributed external software has moved to a new framework, so as to make license issues clearer + many more device drivers are present in tree + all security-critical software is now compiled by default with stack protection; this makes stack overflow and stack smashing attacks more difficult to exploit + address space layout randomization is now supported on selected platforms + NetBSD now supports creating position independent executables (PIE) that can completely randomize the layout of stack, code, data, shared library layout per executable invocation 

Arrf, c’est toujours une joie pour moi de voir que les projets BSD avancent et toujours avec autant de qualité. Je ferais surement un upgrade de mes machines tournant sous NetBSD au job… 🙂

News de dernière minute :
Toujours dans le rayon barbu, code, BSD toussa…
En effet, Dimanche 2 novembre 2008 de 14H à 15H30, Symbiose recevra Miod Vallat et Marc Espie du projet OpenBSD <>. Au menu, présentation de ce système d’exploitation et de sa philosophie.

Symbiose est diffusée sur radio libertaire 89.4 en région parisienne, audible également en streaming :
OGG qualité ADSL :

L’enregistrement de l’émission (sous licence CC by-nc-nd) sera disponible au téléchargement et en podcast : et

Vive les *BSD 🙂

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