Musical Annual French cities festival and ridiculous thoughts

For the annuary musical amateur festival in all roads and cities of France, my prefered song :

Sorry for me music stops in April 5, 1994. Perhaps I have not enough searched on jamendo or independant scene. I don’t have ever found a music with all this primitive energy I can feel with Nirvana music. Maybe life should have stopped in the 90s, it would have been better considering all the shit that we can see, live, with all these media, this escalation in the presence on social networks. What would Kurt think living in 2022? I know this post is in that movement. I only ever wrote on this rag to share my bullshit, my feelings and hacks on free systems (BSD my love come here :-)) that I have been around since 1997.

A new more act for the planet !

Event though I make some little efforts as lot of humans for the planet, I am searching for a long time a way to do more and more efficient. I hope I have found this way. I have bought Time For The Planet‘s share company. The aim of it, it is found raising 1 billion euros and be able to invest in 100 companies. Ok you will tell me you have made capitallistic investment ?! No, it is where I found it awesome, these companies must and will create innovation in global warming reserach. AND these results will be publically share into Open Source fashion so that it wan be use by humanity. I am in this OpenSource manner from 1997, where I installed my first Slackware-3.3 ( So I am really sensible to this way to share with others.

Do it now !

FreeBSD, xrdp and Lumina-desktop

Hey girls and guys,

A little post to give you some news about my fails and tries with FreeBSD. I have had tried to install a little FreeBSD-13, xrdp and Lumina-desktop on my proxmox to test.

As done for other things installed :

pkg install xrdp lumina

It was so easy and quick …

FreeBSD and fail2ban


To go on configuring my FreeBSD server, I install my traditionnal package : “fail2ban”. By the way with Linux distro, apt install fail2ban is enough.

Not now 😀

You must add :

root@pluton:/usr/local/etc/fail2ban/jail.d# cat ssh-ipfw.local 
enabled = true
filter = sshd
action = ipfw[name=SSH, port=ssh, protocol=tcp]
logpath = /var/log/auth.log
findtime = 600
maxretry = 3
bantime = 3600

And edit action file so that “localhost” is your public IP :

root@pluton:/usr/local/etc/fail2ban/action.d# cat ipfw.conf 
# Fail2Ban configuration file
# Author: Nick Munger
# Modified by: Cyril Jaquier
# Option:  localhost
# Notes.:  the local IP address of the network interface
# Values:  IP

# Option:  blocktype
# Notes.:  How to block the traffic. Use a action from man 5 ipfw
#          Common values: deny, unreach port, reset
# Values:  STRING
blocktype = unreach port

06/06/19 – D-Day

In memory of all the soldiers who paid with their life the cost to peace and democracy in Europe. Please read these words and keep it in mind.

If I 'd been born in 1917 in Leidenstadt
On top of ruins, in a battlefield
Would I have behaved better of worse than those people
If I'd been German?
Born into humiliation, hatred and ignorance
Fed on dreams of revenge
Would I have been one of those unlikely beings with a conscience
Like some teardrops in the midst of a flood?
If I'd grown up in the docklands of Belfast
Soldier of a faith, of a class
Would I have had the strength to withstand and fight against my Own kind: to betray, to hold out a hand in friendship?
If I'd been born white and rich in Johannesburg
Between the power and the fear
Would I have heard the cries carried by the wind?
Nothing will be like it was before.
One never knows what one really has in one's guts,
Hidden behind our appearances
The soul of a brave man, an accomplice, an executioner?
The worst or the best?
Would we be one of those who resist or just those who follow like sheep
If it was a question of more than just words?
If I 'd been born in 1917 in Leidenstadt
On top of ruins in a battlefield
Would I have behaved better of worse than those
If I'd been German?

R.I.P Jieff

You will be for me the guy who wrote this kind of post and talk technology with Remy Card (ext2).

From: (Jean-Francois Monnet)
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Date: 23 Nov 1994 08:43:22 +0100
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Yves Arrouye ( ecrit:

> Tu vas peut-etre pouvoir m'aider : je veux mettre un 3e disque (sur un 2e
> controleur). Mon 2e controleur ne tourne que sur irq 14, mais on peut changer
> les adresses des disques (il en a deux plages). Je n'arrive pas a ce que le
> patch reconnaisse gentiment mon 3e disque, quelque soit la config. Au secours
> ! Help !

	Chez moi, le deuxieme controleur n'a ete bien reconnu qu'a partir
du moment ou j'ai pris le fer a souder et devie la piste IRQ 14 -> IRQ 15,
comme explique dans la doc de l'archive atdisk2-0.9.tgz (ancien patch pour
gerer deux cartes controleur IDE). Je crois que cette doc n'est plus
fournie avec les patches ide-x.x*. Je peux te l'envoyer si tu ne trouves
pas l'archive atdisk. Car, meme avec deux adresses I/O differentes pour les
cartes, l'utilisation de la meme IRQ avec plus de 2 disques peut poser des

> (Linux 1.1.64 + ide-2.5.patch-64+)

	Je tourne en 1.1.61 + ide-2.01.patch.61+.gz et ca roule sans pbs pour
Marouchka - 76 Rouen

And a great linux kernel programmer (Telsat Turbo), rock’n roll & Nina Hagen fan.

Have fun with luxman…

++Jieff :-/