Ca y est Cisco communique sur la version 6 de son cursus CCNP 🙂
Bonne lecture :

L’annonce officielle :…


Troubleshoot Multi Protocol system networks

    * Troubleshoot EIGRP
    * Troubleshoot OSPF
    * Troubleshoot eBGP
    * Troubleshoot routing redistribution solution
    * Troubleshoot a DHCP client and server solution
    * Troubleshoot NAT
    * Troubleshoot first hop redundancy protocols
    * Troubleshoot IPv6 routing
    * Troubleshoot IPv6 and IPv4 interoperability
    * Troubleshoot switch-to-switch connectivity for the VLAN based solution
    * Troubleshoot loop prevention for the VLAN based solution
    * Troubleshoot Access Ports for the VLAN based solution
    * Troubleshoot private VLANS
    * Troubleshoot port security
    * Troubleshoot general switch security
    * Troubleshoot VACL and PACL
    * Troubleshoot switch virtual interfaces (SVIs)
    * Troubleshoot switch supervisor redundancy
    * Troubleshoot switch support of advanced services
            (i.e., Wireless, VOIP and Video)
    * Troubleshoot a VoIP support solution
    * Troubleshoot a video support solution
    * Troubleshoot Layer 3 Security
    * Troubleshoot issues related to ACLs used to
            secure access to Cisco routers
    * Troubleshoot configuration issues related to
            accessing the AAA server for authentication purposes
    * Troubleshoot security issues related to IOS
            services (i.e.,finger, NTP, HTTP, FTP, RCP etc.)

CCIE SP Operation:
Ah oui, il y a aussi l’apparition d’un CCIE SP Operation :

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