Ext.js : one simple tip

I am a network engineer, but in a small company you are able to do lot of things. I am in charge (in same time as network job) to developp second generation of customer managment tool. I have choiced to developp it in ext.js. I am in an early prototyping and evaluate this framework. It is pretty awesome !!
A little tip to load data with extjs in a form :
Ext.getCmp('your-form').getForm().load({url: "load.php", params: {do: "cmd"}});

it is your friend. But you must now that your json answer must be as :

    success: true,
    data: {
        clientName: "Fred. Olsen Lines",
        portOfLoading: "FXT",
        portOfDischarge: "OSL"

You have more information to read there.

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