Cisco Learning Labs

There’s some new stuff in Cisco world. We are now able to access Cisco-Labs directly there. These labs are planned to fill the pratice in certification.
The official page is here.

I think I will use it when MPLS Cert time will be there…

Lab 2-1 Establishing the Service Provider IGP Routing Environment
Lab 3-1 Establishing the Core MPLSEnvironment
Lab 5-1 Initial MPLS VPN Setup
Lab 5-2 Running EIGRP Between PE and CE Routers
Lab 5-3 Running OSPF Between PE and CE Routers
Lab 5-4 Running BGP Between PE and CE Routers
Lab 6-1 Overlapping VPNs
Lab 6-2 Merging Service Providers
Lab 6-3 Common Services VPN
Lab 7-1 Establishing Central Site Internet Connectivity with and MPLS VPN
Lab 8-1 Implementing Basic MPLS TE

Real interesting labs, aren’t it ?

You can access/read an interesting point of view on @etherealmind website here.

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