Little easy challenge : HSRP

Here it is a little challenge. You will find two CPE connected to two different PE. The two CPE are used in “fail-over” model by using HSRP. The two CPE dial on PE. CPEprimaire dials through a Bridge, CPESecondaire dials directly.

CPEPrimaire :
on LAN fastethernet:
standby 5 ip
standby 5 preempt
standby 5 track Dialer 1
standby 5 priority 105

CPESecondaire :
on LAN fastethernet :
standby 5 ip
standby 5 preempt


Do you think when link between PE75 and Bridge will be DOWN, HSRP will act as waited : PCs on LAN will have for gateway CPESecondaire ? You can shut interface WAN on bridge to try it. I enclosed GNS3 lab : hsrp-challenge.

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