Equivalent to CEF on Redback router

This a question which I ask for a long time : is this e Cisco CEF equivalent on Redback router ?

A friend gives me the answer :

[VRF_FOOBAR]75TOTO-SE400-01#sh ip route      
    Longest match Routing entry for is , version 20
    Route Uptime 38w6d
    Paths: total 1, best path count 1 

    Route has been downloaded to following slots
      iPPA: 01 
    Skipped? No

    Path information : 

      Active path : 
      Known via adjacency, type-hidden route, distance 254, metric 0,
      Tag 0, Next-hop, NH-ID 0x3450014E, Adj ID: 0x160, Interface 1/5.13717
      Circuit 1/5:1023:63/1/2/440


You can see there that the packet will live the router by port 1/5. You can confirm this by :

[VRF_FOOBAR]75TOTO-SE400-01#show card all fib
Slot 1:
Prefix             Next Hop        Interface                Next Hop Grid   1/5.13717                0x3450014e

Now, you can see as “sh ip cef … adjacency” :

[VRF_FOOBAR]75TOTO-SE400-01#sh card 1 adjacency | begin 0x3450014e
    NH-Grid 0x3450014e 
    Encap type dot1q, function ether_dot1q_adj_ip_resolved
    e05fb9a6 693c0030 88147df0 81000e85  encap_len 18


05fb9a6 693c : destination MAC address
0030 88147df0 : source MAC address
8100 : ethernet encapsulation
0e85 : vlan ID : here 3717
18 : length

For VLAN ID here :

[VRF_FOOBAR]75TOTO-SE400-01#sh bindings 
1/5 vlan-id 3717                 Up    dot1q            interface  1/5.13717@VRF_FOOBAR

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