A new more act for the planet !

Event though I make some little efforts as lot of humans for the planet, I am searching for a long time a way to do more and more efficient. I hope I have found this way. I have bought Time For The Planet‘s share company. The aim of it, it is found raising 1 billion euros and be able to invest in 100 companies. Ok you will tell me you have made capitallistic investment ?! No, it is where I found it awesome, these companies must and will create innovation in global warming reserach. AND these results will be publically share into Open Source fashion so that it wan be use by humanity. I am in this OpenSource manner from 1997, where I installed my first Slackware-3.3 (https://mirrors.slackware.com/slackware/slackware-3.3/). So I am really sensible to this way to share with others.

Do it now !

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