Some bashblog tests.

For now I will not move from this blog motor, but I have tested bashblog because I have made some search of my really old blog post and it make me think about nanoblogger which is not ever maintained now. So I search only for curiosity if there is now this kind of project. Bashblog is this kind of work. Only some bash and a quick result.

It is simple, just configure EDITOR variable and let’s go :

clucas@eris:~/public_html/blog-test$ ./ list
1 Bashblog tests November 13, 2021
2 First post to test bashlog November 13, 2021

To create a new blog post :

clucas@eris:~/public_html/blog-test$ ./ post

Really simple 🙂

You could check it here :

It make me think about my original post, when m blog posts was written with only “vi” in static HTML. It was in 2005

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