BFD between IOSXE and IOS XR

I don’t really easily documentary to configure BFD (RFC5880 and you could read precedent blog-post : BFD : Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (RFC5880)) between IOSXE and IOSXR boxes.

Here it comes 🙂



R0# show run | sec bfd 
bfd fast-timers-on-slow-interface
bfd-template single-hop BFD
   interval min-tx 200 min-rx 200 multiplier 3
R0#show run int port-ch 14
Building configuration...

Current configuration : 373 bytes
interface Port-channel14
description *** Vers R1_Be10000 ***
mtu 9202
ip address
ip ospf authentication message-digest
ip ospf message-digest-key 10 md5 7 XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
ip ospf network point-to-point
ip ospf bfd
ip ospf cost 20000
no negotiation auto
mpls ip
port-channel bfd destination ipv4 BFD



RP/0/RSP0/CPU0:R1#show conf run int be10000
Tue Feb 14 14:49:35.026 CET
interface Bundle-Ether10000
description *** Vers R0_Po14 *** 
bfd mode ietf
bfd address-family ipv4 multiplier 3
bfd address-family ipv4 destination
bfd address-family ipv4 fast-detect
bfd address-family ipv4 minimum-interval 200
mtu 9216
ipv4 address


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