CCIE RS from v4.0 to v5.0

It is finally out !

The v5.0 of the CCIE exam is here. There are lot of exciting new features to learn 🙂 It will be great. In a first lecture, you can see these new things :

  • L2VPN
  • IS-IS
  • EPC (Embedded Packet Capture)
  • VSS
  • difference between IOS and IOS XE

The things which are removed :

  • Flexlink
  • L2PT
  • Frame-Relay
  • RSVP
  • WCCP

The Lab is now in three parts :

  • TS : as always troubleshooting on virtual equipments (1h30 through 2h (30 minutes shared with CONF))
  • DIAG : closed-ended troubleshooting questions (30 minutes)
  • CONF : configure the lab (5h30 through 6h (30 minutes shared with TS))

More to read about CCIE RS v5.0 :

Blueprint :


Let’s go ! Written is planned to july/august 2014 and Lab in november 2015. Ok. It is said. My plan is on the internet. You are now aware of it and I must follow it !

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