I am disappointed by Ubiquiti Networks

It is been a while I check forums and Ubiquiti products. They are really good products. At the beginning the really interesting thing in ubiquiti was the Open minded / Open Source direction they used. I begun to use their product with SR and XR card (when they don’t seek any final products). It was really easy to make your own product firmware with an embedded MIPS motherboard and their cards. The SDK was available at this time.

I check recently and now it is not. Ubiquiti has been introduce in Wall Street. I am really disappointed because when I was interviewed by them for their papers to be introduce to Wall Street I insisted on the fact of they success OpenSource is one main of it.

I would want to make some patch on kernel to be able to pass PPP/IP DSCP to their Atheros card to be able to do the same thing with IP (http://wiki.ubnt.com/AirMax_-_QoS_DSCP/TOS_Mappings). Now SDK is not available and I am really disappointed.

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